What can a social worker do for you? 


Social workers offer a broad range of services, from individual and group counselling

services to referrals to community resources. They also advocate for clients, and work with community groups to develop resources that will aid the community. The San Romanoway Revitalization Association has a social worker on staff available to assist you with a variety of issues including counselling (individual, family, group), dealing with addictions, anger management, help with obtaining housing, employment and financial assistance, linking you to resources, and much more. Our social worker has experience working with and on behalf of

several populations such as youth, women who have experienced domestic violence, victims of crime, people with disabilities, individuals battling various addictions, the homeless, and 

immigrants and refugees. If you need to speak to someone, need information, or have any questions feel free to contact the social worker. Social work services at SRRA are completely free and confidential. To contact the social worker, please call 416-739-7949 ext. 224.










What is counselling?

       There are various forms and definitions of counseling. One version is that counseling is a working relationship

in which you are able to explore and manage what is happening in your life.
       The main goal of counseling is to provide opportunities for you to work towards a more satisfying and manageable experience of life. Counseling also equips you with information and resources aimed at informing and empowering you.

Of course, each individual’s needs are different. Counseling may assist with:

  • Experiences of violence, abuse and trauma

  • Personal development issues

  • Addressing and resolving specific problems or conflicts

  • Making decisions

  • Coping with crisis

  • Developing personal insight and knowledge

  • Improving relationships with others

  • Dealing with depression or other mental health issues

  • Coping with grief

  • Working though addictions

  • Exploring anger management options

…or any other issues, big or small, which come up in everyday life.
The social worker’s role is to work with you in ways that respect your values and culture.

Remember that you are the expert of your own life and counselling helps you realize your own strengths and potential.

 Counselling / Social Work Services

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