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The San Romanoway Revitalization Association (SRRA), located on the North-East quadrant of Jane and Finch, is a not-for-profit social services organization founded on the premise of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) and Crime Prevention through Social Development (CPTSD).

In 1999, building ownership and management met with law enforcers, residents, local businesses, community organizations, and community leaders to discuss the escalation of crime and vandalism to property in the neighborhood. Residents had become cynical about the prospects for change; the task of nurturing the positive qualities of the community began with residents identifying social/cultural, educational, employment, recreational and enrichment programs for children, youth and families as a priority. Recognizing the urgent need for leadership and assistance, the San Romanoway Revitalization Association was created. SRRA is licensed under the Ministry of Education Child Care and Early Years Act - 2014. 


To create a sense of belonging in the San Romanoway Community by assisting families, individuals and groups to support each other by building a safer and healthier environment.


At San Romanoway Revitalization Association (SRRA), we respect the program choices and decisions made by each child and value the difference they bring to our community. SRRA provides opportunities for all children to participate in all activities that will enhance their developmental skills. SRRA staffs fluently speak multiple languages, some of these languages are; English, French, Twi, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin and Italian. We believe creating a stimulus environment where children are able to learn through play and spontaneous activity will enhance their learning skills needed for a long-term success in school and life. 



To provide Breakfast and After-school assistance for children and youth in the San Romanoway neighbourhood and the wider Jane – Finch Community. 


 Making It Happen Together