SanRomanoway Revitalization Association

To create a sense of belonging in the SanRomanoway Community by assisting families, individuals and groups to support each other by building a safer and healthier environment.



The San Romanoway Revitalization Association (SRRA), located on the North-East quadrant of Jane and Finch, is a not-for-profit social services organization founded on the premise of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) and Crime Prevention through Social Development (CPTSD).
In 1999, building ownership and management met with law enforcers, residents, local businesses, community organizations, and community leaders to discuss the escalation of crime and vandalism to property in the neighborhood. Residents had become cynical about the prospects for change; the task of nurturing the positive qualities of the community began with residents identifying social/cultural, educational, employment, recreational and enrichment programs for children, youth and families as a priority. Recognizing the urgent need for leadership and assistance, the San Romanoway Revitalization Association was created. SRRA is licensed under the Ministry of Education Child Care and Early Years Act – 2014. 


Board of Directors

Kevin Green 

 (President and Chair of the Board) 

Andrew Zrnec 

 (Vice-Chair &Treasure of the Board)

Elise Sousa

 (Secretary of the Board)

Kevin Klayman

Dowlatte (Malthy) Simmonds

Daniel Mack



 (In memory of Dr. Susan Shipp)

Antoinette de Jager

Cathy McCulloch

Diane Blais-Castonguay

Elizabeth Adomako

Intact Insurance 

Kris Boyce 

Manufact Logistics Ltd O/A MVR Cash and Carry 

St.Stephen's Presbyterian Church




Employment & Skills Development Canada


- Canada Summer Jobs 

- Enabling Accessibility Fund

- New Horizons for Seniors


Public Safety Canada 

- Reclaiming out Community Investing in out Youth



Ministry of Health -  

Local Integration Health Network (LIHN)

Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport



City of Toronto 

(CSP - Community Service Partnerships)  



Stephnie Payne                          M. Ed

(Executive Director)


Cathy McCulloch

(Office Manager)


Mavis Zogli

(Office Assistant)

Breakfast/After School Nutrition

Shari Castello           B.Kin, B.Ed, OCT.



Pauline Chevannes

(Nutrition Support Worker)


Sheila Murphy

(Nutrition Support Worker)


Natalie Dela Cruz               BSW, RSW

(Afterschool Support Staff)


Carla Macias

(Afterschool Support Staff)


Kiran Baseer

(Afterschool Support Staff)


Olive Mgbudom

(Afterschool Support Staff)


Luz Ramirez

(Afterschool Support Staff)


Kemaya Edwards 

(Afterschool Support Staff)

Boys and Girls Leadership Group

Roxanne Nanton

(Afterschool Support Staff)


Caija Brome-Cumberbatch

(Afterschool Support Staff)


Abdullahi Aden

(Afterschool Support Staff)

Tween-Teen Girls Program

Caija Brome-Cumberbatch

(Afterschool Support Staff)

Seniors Program

Iffat Malik



Patricia Baptiste


Erma Broomes


Sheila Murphy


Lisette Diop

RCIY Program

Mr. Ian Messam         



Nickeisha Jenkins     B.A. - Psychology

(Office Administrator)


Ebony Dunkley  B ASc.- Justice Studies

                               Police Foundations

(Family Support Worker)


Orson Payne    Social Service Diploma

                Crisis Intervention Instructor

(Family Support/Youth Outreach)


Lesly Tenaglia  B.A.- Child &Youth Care   


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